About Dr Fareed Ali

An ophthalmologist based in Mississauga, Ontario, Dr. Fareed Ali currently serves as director of clinical research at the Canadian Centre for Advanced Eye Therapeutics. Dr. Fareed Ali also continues the active practice of ophthalmology at the Ophthalmic Consultant Centre, where he treats diseases of the retina.

As part of his research activities at the Canadian Centre for Advanced Eye Therapeutics, Dr. Ali participates in Food and Drug Administration Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials for eye treatments relating to diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, and retinal vein occlusions. His work as a principal investigator for a variety of trials has helped companies including Pfizer, Novartis, Eli Lilly and GSK refine their treatments.

Dr. Fareed Ali grew up in Winnipeg, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in three years at the University of Manitoba. He attended medical school at the University of Toronto, graduating with honours and moving into the university’s internship and residency programs, where he further specialized in ophthalmology. He also studied retinal diseases at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Ophthalmology, Beetham Eye Institute and the Joslin Diabetes Center.


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